Store Manager

As a Buckle Store Manager, you will enjoy the independence that comes with running your own business and benefit from a culture that rewards performance. Store Managers are responsible for the overall effectiveness of their own team, managing between 12-20 teammates. You’ll wear many hats – serving as an entrepreneur, recruiter, educator, motivator and leader. As a proven Store Manager, you may have the opportunity to advance to a higher volume store, or move into an Area or District Manager role.

More about being a Store Manager
More about being a Store Manager
More about being a Store Manager

Buckle provides you with the opportunity to be a/an:


Providing outstanding customer service is the first order of business for all Store Managers. Not only will you delegate to your Teammates, you will also lead by example—demonstrating how each task should be executed. In doing so, Teammates will gain an understanding of how things should be done and what is expected of them.


Acting as a “partner,” you’ll have a hand in all aspects of your business—from choosing whom to hire to managing those factors that directly impact your bottom line; including sales, payroll, and loss prevention.


Choose the people you want to work with each day to help you grow as a leader and manager. You must be able to recognize, recruit, and retain talented individuals who can help you achieve your sales and business goals. In keeping with its performance-based culture, Buckle rewards you for helping to develop future leaders.


Given the nature of our business, excellent communication and interpersonal skills are essential. Educating your team by coaching, communicating, and sharing feedback on a daily basis translates into a team that is more prepared, more excited, and better able to help fulfill our mission of creating the most enjoyable shopping experience possible for our guests.

Serve as an inspiration to your team by exemplifying those qualities and skills that you seek in others. Motivate Teammates to learn what it takes to be successful—whether it’s making effective sales presentations, sharing product knowledge, or improving communication skills. As a Store Manager, you must maintain a positive attitude and possess a strong sense of business ethics.