Area/District Manager

Earning a spot as a Buckle Area Manager is one of our store-level positions that cannot be applied for, but rather is promoted from within. As an Area Manager, you still experience the day-to-day store atmosphere of managing and leading your own store, but also earn the opportunity to build relationships with other Store Managers as you consult and oversee additional stores.

Working as an Area Manager, you’ll conduct store visits with your Store Managers to help guide and support them through challenges, grow their business, and impact their professional development. There is no defined timeline for when a Store Manager can move into an Area Manager role – solid store performance and teammate development are the two main factors considered. Growing into a District Manager position, you will experience many of the same responsibilities as an Area Manager, but increase your level of influence and the number of stores you work with, typically 10-50 stores.

More about being an Area Manager
More about being an Area Manager
More about being an Area Manager

Buckle provides you with the opportunity to:


Lead by example as a mentor to your own team and other Buckle teams – demonstrating how to provide outstanding customer service.

Work with growth and development of teammates, encouraging and supporting them to reach their full potential. Understand opportunities at Buckle, always keeping an eye out for future talent.

Serve as an inspiration to your entire team by exemplifying those qualities and skills you seek in others. Motivate Store Managers and Teammates to learn what it takes to be successful.


Establish an open communication policy between all teammates. Assist with finding solutions to challenges, while putting the best interests of your teams and the business first.

Conduct store visits, acting as a consultant for Store Managers to work through challenges, maintain relationships, and capture the entire visual aspect of running and growing their business.