If you have an interest in running your own business, consider Buckle. 

Buckle provides entrepreneurial-minded individuals with a proven business model, great earning potential, and the freedom to run their business—all without the expense and hassle of starting a business from scratch. With the support of our Leadership Team, Buckle's Store Managers are empowered to make decisions that directly impact their business—whether it's deciding whom to hire, educating your team, merchandising the store, or driving sales. As a Store Manager and business partner, you share in the success of your business through our competitive compensation program, which includes a base salary, a percentage of your store's annual net profits, generous benefits, and bonuses. 

But, what truly differentiates our business is our people. Our extraordinarily talented team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and enhancing our reputation, one guest at time. It is this passion—coupled with the company's continual focus on excellence—that has enabled so many of our Store Managers to build long and rewarding careers with Buckle. If you are looking for a place where you can contribute your ideas, energy, and skills in a fast-paced, exciting and financially rewarding environment, consider a career with Buckle.

"Given the opportunity for decision-making, I feel like I am more a partner of this Company.  We have a great support system and are very open minded to new ideas to help grow the business."
Carl, Store Manager; University of Kansas